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  • Back from China. What’s next?

    It’s been just over two years since our last blog post. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone! We turned out to be terrible bloggers, at least as far as consistency. I want to start getting back into writing regular updates, so here goes. After spending almost two years in China, Ryan and I […]

  • Dalian–we went, we saw, we conquered

    Some might call it stupid, but we chose to call it brave, adventurous, and exciting! Most of our teacher friends who traveled on our break went with a Chinese speaker, but not Leighton and I. This meant that for our entire 4 nights/5 days away from home we were our own Chinese translators. Did we […]

  • Grandma’s Curry

    The seasons change quickly here! Yesterday we were sweating in mid-eighty-degree weather and today the high was around 60. The cool air is very refreshing! Tonight Ryan and I went exploring in the downtown area. Earlier today we found out that tomorrow’s classes have been cancelled for a new student meeting, so we decided to […]